Posted by: Adrianna | July 30, 2010

Daily update 7/30/10

I woke up several times in the night to check on him (no alarm needed anymore); he was sleeping each time so we didn’t go out.

9am Walk (1510 steps) U++ .  No diarrhea, interested in walking but did get tired at the end as usual.  Levothyroxine, gabapentin, omeprazole, tramadol, glutamine in pill pockets. Freeze-dried chicken treats.

9:30am Attempted to feed i/d: no interest.  Uh-oh. Gave 1/2 can Whole Earth Farms; ate some.  He still wants treats but he does not want his regular food. Drinking water.

10:15am Bit the bullet and gave him Anzemet injection.  I don’t think he noticed! Lying on the floor resting.

He’s supposed to start his oral Cytoxan today but I’m not comfortable doing so until I see him eat and hold his food down.

BTW, it occurred to me that his recent slowdown on walks could be due to stopping the prednisone.  It is a very powerful anti-inflammatory for old joints … that could be why he’s stiffer now.  He probably feels like he’s aged a million years in the past few days; it’s one thing to gradually get stiff with age, it’s another to have it all rush back at once 😦   He could also just not be feeling too well, we’ll see if he perks up, walk-wise, once he’s feeling better.

11am Lip-licking. Ugh.

12pm Hangs out begging for pancakes.  I give him 1/2 of a whole wheat pancake which he eats eagerly.  I try to hand feed him some i/d — not having it. Drinks water.

1:30pm Gave him his first dose of oral Cytoxan.  Ursodiol in pill pocket. Freeze dried chicken treat.  Not interested in his WEF canned food but would love another pancake 🙂  Once I see that he doesn’t have blowout diarrhea we’ll talk about additional pancakes.

2:10pm Spoke to his oncologist on the phone, who of course said off the bat not to give the Cytoxan which I had just given 😦  She said it was ok that I’d done so as it was just a single dose, but not to give it tomorrow unless his appetite is back. The vincristine effects (I’m fairly sure it’s caused him some ileus ) should really be gone by then.

2:40pm Walk U++. Furosemide 12.5mg (diuretic to keep him peeing out the Cytoxan) and metronidazole in pill pockets. Freeze-dried chicken (his new favorite) treat.

5:10pm Vomited twice. This is bad.

5:50pm Took him out even though he probably vomited the Cytoxan and he didn’t really want to go out.  He balked at the stairs so we took the elevator.  He wanted to walk a little farther than I expected.  U++ .  Wanted his elevator treat (I gave a small one) and went to the kitchen for his post-walk treat.  I think he’s hungry but there’s no sense in feeding him yet.  I did give him a freeze-dried chicken treat.

We are going on 48 hours without keeping food down.  I’ll have to take him in to the hospital tomorrow if he doesn’t get better over night.  I’m extremely concerned that this is a resurgence of his disease. I’m scared.

7:50pm Vomited again. Lip licking.

8pm More puke we are going to the hospital, he is very weak.

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5:10am Up again to walk him — this time he woke me up by standing on the bed and staring at me.  U++ BM+ (total diarrhea).  Then he walked about 20 feet, stopped, made a sour face, and vomited three times.  He seemed to feel better after these, uh, expulsions but was still a little dumpy.  I’m not sure what to do — I don’t think he’s generally nauseated (he still wanted his good-behavior-in-the-elevator treat and was scandalized when he did not get his post-walk biscuit) and I am not sure if I should start metronidazole.

8am A very good, dear, devoted friend came over to help me get blood from Elliott so he doesn’t need to go to work with me today (saves me a ton of money).  We had to feed him more treats i.e. give him diarrhea fuel, but so it goes.  He was quite agitated this morning in general. Fingers crossed for a good blood test result.

His oncologist isn’t at work yet and I haven’t otherwise decided about the metronidazole.

9am Walk (1100 steps) U+++. Gabapentin, levothyroxine, omeprazole in i/d meatballs.  1/2 can i/d, ate eagerly.  Seemed a little tired on his walk but he wanted to go further.

~1pm Dogwalker U++ She says he quickly peed and wanted to go back home.

UPDATE: CBC comes back.  Some mild abnormalities which freak me out (mild thrombocytosis and monocytosis) but the oncologist is not concerned.  She dispensed the Cytoxan with instructions to start tomorrow if he doesn’t vomit again.

I checked out the plucked hairs in the microscope at work, no luck (luck?) spotting any demodex.

7:30pm Elliott was sprawled out on his fancy orthopedic bed when I got home and rolled over a little for belly rubs. He wanted attention so we cuddled for a while and I was happy to see him apparently feeling better, no diarrhea the whole day, and then I got up to change to take him out and … there was a big ol’ puddle of puke on the floor.  It looked like all of the barely-chewed treats from our blood-taking session this morning.  He scarfed them down so I’m not terribly surprised they came back up but I’m disappointed because it makes it unclear if he’s sick or if he just had a scarf-n-barf.

Walk U+++ BM + (normal, yay!).  Grabbed at some grass while we were walking and then slowed down, started drooling, and vomited bile and grass three times. Ugh. Shuffled home. It’s not out of the question for him to vomit bile after having an empty stomach all day (barfing the treats etc from this morning) but again this muddies the water–is he sick or not?

9pm Resting, seems tired.  Not soliciting food, but although he has always been a good eater, he was more of an opportunistic begger than a food-demander.

9:20pm Levothyroxine, famotidine, gabapentin in i/d meatballs. Gave 1/2 can i/d; ate most but not all 😦

9:50pm Started lip-licking, urgently wanted to go out.  Surprisingly, didn’t vomit but rather had a large amt of liquid diarrhea. Squatted a few times after that but didn’t produce anything.  Walked slowly, seems to feel poorly.  Now I worry if he has abdominal pain.

One wee good sign: we were on our way up the path to the building when he got a whiff of a Very Important Pee and had to hunt around for it so he could take a good sniff of the affected leaves and pee on top of them. A little show of spirit.

Gave piece of freeze-dried chicken, gobbled it up.  Drank some water, rubbed his face on the couch as usual, now resting on the floor.

11pm Resting quietly.  I should give him an Anzemet shot, I know, but I’m sort of too chicken to do it when I’m not convinced it’s necessary.  It won’t be easy to give him an injection and  in case there is a limited amt of times he’ll let me get away with it, I’m loathe to do it without certainty.

11:30pm Found and ate the remaining i/d and licked the bowl.  Feeling better?

1:30am Walk (1160 steps) U++ BM ? pure liquid diarrhea.  Yup.  I guess we’ll re-start the metronidazole.  Metronidazole, tramadol, Gas-X in pill pockets.  Dasuquin soft chew.  Freeze-dried chicken treat. I will try to stay up a little later, walk him, then maybe he’ll be empty and I’ll be able to sleep for longer.

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8am Elliott peed on the carpet overnight.  I know he must have been desperate, and obviously couldn’t wake me up, becaue hehe always tries to be a good boy.  Sigh.  But that was our last day of pee-inducing pred so hopefully we’re done with this.  Walk U+++ BM +++ (diarrhea aargh). Levothyroxine, Oxstrin, ursodiol, gabapentin, Marin in pill pockets. Zinpro biscuit.

Elliott also has been licking one of his feet and has some hair loss:

"moth-eaten" look on R front paw

I think there is some association between doxorubicin and itchiness and fur .. I’ll have to ask his oncologist.

~1pm Dogwalker U++

7:45pm Walk (560 steps) U++ BM ++ (N).  He seems to feel poorly 😦  He didn’t want to walk far at all and he tried to eat some grass which he hasn’t done since before chemo. I didn’t give him his meds yet because the grass might make him puke.  I’ll wait a half hour.

9pm I haven’t fed him yet, he doesn’t seem interested.  He’s lying on his bed in front of the AC, zonked out.

9:30pm Still resting, but looked interested when I fed the cats.  Fed 1 can Whole Earth Farms adult plus 1/3 c EVO. Ate all canned food and almost all dry.

10pm Levothyroxine, gabapentin, Oxstrin in pill pockets. Greenie.  Ate happily.

Aargh I’m flipping out about the fur loss on his foot.  I’ve convinced myself it’s demodex (non-contagious mange).  This means he’s headed for a painful skin scraping. Dammit.

11:30pm Walk (brief) U+++ BM ++ (N). Dasuquin soft chew. Tramadol, Benadryl in pill pockets. Zinpro biscuit.  Drank water +++ , guess I’ll get up in the middle of the night tonight. sigh.

1am Walk (1310 steps) U+++ BM + (total diarrhea).  Seemed to feel a little better, wanted to walk a little farther.  Walked him now in the hopes that I could sleep until I have to get up for work, rather than taking two shorter naps.

2am Agitated.  Walk U++.

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7:40am Woke me up panting. Walk (2520 steps) U+++ (why is he peeing so much??) BM ++ (soft).  Nice long walk, it was pretty cool out this morning. He got tired when we were about 3/4 of the way home, so not too bad, and I really think he enjoyed the walk. Levothyroxine, gabapentin in pill pocket. Zinpro biscuit.

Morning walk time!

8:45am Fed 1 can Merrick (he loves this food, too bad it’s so expensive or I’d feed it every day) with 2/3 c EVO sprinkled on top.  This works out better than putting the kibble on the bottom where he can avoid it 😉  Urosdiol, Marin hidden in food.  He ate all the Merrick but managed to leave a few kibbles in the bowl.

12pm Sleeping comfortably.

2:30pm Walk (1020 steps) U+++ BM ++ (N). Denamarin, gabapentin, pred 5mg in pill pocket.  Last dose of pred w00t!

7:30pm Solicited walk (panting, staring). Walk (2678 steps) U+++ BM ++ (soft). He was really tired by the second 1/2 of the walk … one of those times where I tried to turn back a bit earlier a few times, but he insisted on continuing and I didn’t argue hard enough. Levothyroxine, gabapentin in pill pocket.  Drinking a lot of water (pred today).

9pm Fed 1 can CORE and 1/3 c kibble. Ate all! Drinking more water … Very interested in spaghetti leftovers so I gave him some .  I know, I know, this eliminates my right to complain about gas for tonight, but a joyful look on a dog’s face is worth a few minutes of high-powered fanning!

11:25pm Walk (800 steps) U++ .  Aargh why didn’t he pee more, I know he is going to wake me up.  He was very tired though and didn’t want to go far. Dasuquin soft chew.  Two EFA caps in pill pockets, One Earth biscuit.

Posted by: Adrianna | July 26, 2010


7am Walk (1980 steps) U+++ BM ++ (N). Much, much cooler out so we had a nice walk.  Back to 90F later today so we walked a little farther this morning. Gabapentin, levothyroxine, ursodiol this morning.  Merrick canned food and 1/2 c EVO. Ate all.

~11am Dogwalker U++

~3pm Dogwalker U++

6pm Um, gassy.  Big time. Onco-farts are real bunker-busters, let me tell you.

8pm Walk (1940 steps) U+++ BM +++ (diarrhea! aargh vincristine right on schedule, we hate you! except for the cancer-blasting, keep that up … just leave the intestines alone pls.)  Dasuquin soft chew.  Levothyroxine, gabapentin, Gas-X in pill pocket. Fed 1/2 can i/d plus 1/4 tomato (he loves tomato, always has) plus kibble in Molecuball.  Ate ok, not much enthusiasm. Got tired mid-way through walk, too.

He keeps licking his R forepaw and I noticed he is missing a little hair on it.  Not a large amount, more of a “moth-eaten” look. Hmm.

9:30pm Uh-oh. He has started to pant-n-pace.  The whole pseudo-bloat nightmare.  Also snapping at his rear. Gave him a Benadryl (for itchy factor), another Gas-X in pill pockets.

10pm Agitated, won’t settle.  Gave metoclopramide (this helps move things along in the stomach), we’ll see.

11pm A few major eruptions later, he is sound asleep on the bed, breathing better, sprawled out.  I am not sure how or why metoclopramide works so well or so fast, but I love it.

12:30am Walk (1150 steps) U+++ BM +++ (soft).  A ton of urine, not sure why.  It’s still relatively cool out so it was a nice walk. Two EFA caps in pill pockets. Mr. Pugs biscuit.

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8am Walk (1750 steps) U+++ BM ++ It is already a million degrees out, so humid it looks misty. Levothyroxine, gabapentin, tramadol, ursodiol, in i/d. Dasuquin soft chew.  BTW, I was trying to wait until the last minute to walk E so we didn’t have to go out twice before I left for work … he was down with it, until I poured milk into my cereal … then he urgently Needed To Go. Sigh.

~1pm Dogwalker U++

6pm Home from work; Elliott is comfortable sleeping on the bed and not interested in a walk yet.  It rained a ton so we have finally shut off the AC and opened the windows.

(strange bedfellows, I know!)

7:30pm Walk (1690 steps) U+++ BM + (N). Much cooler out, we had a nice walk. He seems to feel a little better.

11pm Walk U++ Gabapentin, tramadol in pill pocket.

Posted by: Adrianna | July 24, 2010


9:10am Walk (1295 steps) U++++ BM ++ (slightly soft).  Mad dash for the door, he had to pee pretty bad.  It was already 87F out:( but Elliott wanted to walk farther; I cut it short this time and although he resisted, he again ended up half-dragging himself back about 2/3 of the way through the walk.  I wish it weren’t so hot out because then we could at least sit in the courtyard so he could have some ‘outside stimulation’ time without having to walk so far. Frustrating. In the evening, when it’s cooler, it seems like families from the building always bring their kids to the courtyard to shriek and run around (sorry kids but it’s true) and that’s not exactly the stimulation he needs.

Gave levothyroxine, gabapentin, tramadol, 2 EFA caps in pill pockets.

9:30am Fed 1 can Wellness CORE food and 2/3 c EVO. Gas-X in food. Ate all.

11:30am Sound asleep on the bed.

5pm Walk (1440 steps) U+++ BM ++. Dasuquin soft chew. Tramadol in pill pocket.  Gabapentin, levothyroxine in i/d meatball.  Fed 1/2 can i/d plus boiled egg, ate all.

11pm Walk U++ BM ++. Dasuquin soft chew (forgot I already gave it). Denamarin. EVO in Molecuball.

Posted by: Adrianna | July 24, 2010


So last night I was, as usual, exhausted and rather grumpy.  I decided to put in ear plugs and go to bed; if he peed on the floor, so be it. I set my alarm for 4:30am so I could check on him, but otherwise I was not going to wake up. Here’s what happened:

I had a full night’s sleep.  No one peed anywhere.

Amazing, right?  I woke up at 4:30, he was stretched on his bed sleeping so I went back to sleep. I didn’t wake up again till 9am, and I actually woke up on my own! No alarms, no panting/staring, nothing. Just sleeping. This is the first extensive sleep I’ve had since he came home from his diagnosis, and although it was interrupted, it still felt really good like an actual normal night’s sleep. I feel a little less crazy today than I did yesterday …

After I woke up he actually stayed in his bed for several minutes then struggled to his feet and began displaying some desperation in having to go out.  He peed like a racehorse (where does that expression come from?  did I make it up?) when we got out, so of course I feel a little bad but I am still grateful for the hours I got to sleep.

Now, I think that part of the reason I was able to get so much sleep was that Elliott is still feeling very achy from Thursday, unfortunately.  I have been giving him pain meds but that only helps a limited amount. He is achy enough to show reluctance to go out and this helps “convince” him he can hold it.  The other thing is that he is on every-other-day pred now.

Posted by: Adrianna | July 23, 2010


5am He woke me up panting and staring. Walk (456 stesps) U+++. Gave metoclopramide, Gas-X, tramadol in pill pocket.  (In case he’s agitated because he’s gassy or painful.)

11am Levothyroxine, gabapentin, ursodiol, Marin in pill pockets.  Fed 1/2 can i/d plus 2/3 c EVO.

11:10am Walk (1777 steps) U+++ BM ++ (N). Dasuquin soft chew. He wanted to go farther, but was very slow the last half of the walk.  It is still somewhat humid out.

2pm Begged for some of my lunch. A little gassy.

3:30pm Sleeping soundly.  I don’t think he feels that well (his back?) and doesn’t seem keen to go out.

6pm Pred 5mg (now on every other day) in pill pocket.

6:20pm Agitated, wants to go out (finally). Walk (1165 steps) U+++ BM ++ (N). It is incredibly humid out, but even apart from this I think he feels poorly.  He shuffled for most of the walk. Gabapentin, methocarbamol, tramadol in pill pockets. Mr. Pugs biscuit.

8:20pm Fed 1/2 can i/d plus boiled egg.  Ate all.  Filled his Molecuball with EVO; he wasn’t interested, although he guarded it from the cat.

9:45pm I showed him his Molecuball again and he played with it for a few minutes, eating some kibbles, then drank water.

I am a little worried that his less-than-eager appetite is from the lack of pred rather than an immediate post-chemo reaction. Too early to tell. He’s also achy today so that could have something to do with it.

10:20pm Walk (1195 steps) U+++ BM ++. Marin in pill pocket. Dasuquin soft chew, One Earth biscuit.

Posted by: Adrianna | July 22, 2010

Vincristine today

Also plan to start Adequan.

7:50am Walk (1500 steps) U+++ BM + (N). Dasuquin soft chew. Levothyroxine, gabapentin, ursodiol in pill pocket. One Earth biscuit.

9am Got to work, fed 1/2 can i/d.

~10:30am Had chemo, short walk U++.

12pm Walk U+++ BM ++ (normal). Fed the rest of the can of i/d.

5:30pm Walk U++ BM + (N). Fed 1 can i/d.

7pm Still at work.  The hospital is being repainted so I was moving things around, trying to get our room ready.  I went towards the back, where the runs are, and heard Elliott panting (he could not see me).  I checked on him again in a few minutes and he was panting and whining, sounding desperate.  I quickly leashed him and ran outside.  He peed a small amount, no BM, but was extremely agitated.  I recognized this — this is what happened two weeks ago when he was freaking out, restless, etc. and I had to bring him to the hospital.  At least this time we were already here.  I caught his oncologist before she left, and she spoke to the criticalist, so we ended up giving him a SQ injection of Reglan (it is an anti-nausea drug that also increases GI motility, hopefully moving the gas out of this stomach where it is causing such discomfort).  I drew up a little sedation, too, but he ended up calming down after the Reglan.  Then the farts began.  And they didn’t stop for about an hour and a half.

When we were giving him the Reglan injection, he tried to get out of the way and he slipped and yelped.  I think he hurt himself.

I do think he was uncomfortable because he swallowed air and probably had a gas-filled stomach.  He kept trying to lie down but couldn’t get comfortable. He feels much better after the, um, fart storm.

9:40pm Walk U++ BM ++ (normal; this dog never runs out of poo).  When we got back in, I gave him: methocarbomol, levothyroxine, gabapentin, tramadol, Benadryl in pill pockets.  I gave the methocarbomol and tramadol because I think he hurt his back, and gave the Benadryl because he seems itchy.  He started snapping at his rear end again, too.

11:30pm Back home.  He’s exhausted, sound asleep.

1am Walk (720 steps) U++. Dasuquin soft chew. One Earth biscuit.

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