Posted by: Adrianna | August 5, 2010

Hospitalized 8/5/10

So we’re back in the hospital.  Last night I was considering bringing him in to see the orthopedist so he could examine Elliott’s mouth and jaw to see if there was an issue.  I got up at 4am this morning to take him out (he had Cytoxan yesterday and should urinate frequently to avoid cystitis) and he didn’t want his elevator treat.  Every time we ride in the elevator he gets a little cat treat and he always eats this treat even when he’s turning his nose up at everything else.  So that was unusual.

Then when I got up this morning I saw he was covered in drool and lip-smacking.  Drool-soaked chin, forelegs, lips, and actively dripping.  This is a sign of nausea in dogs (much more so than cats). Crap.  So I bundled him up, took lots of towels and got into a cab.  Thankfully he did not puke in the cab.  He looked pretty green around the gills but did not actually vomit.  When I got to work he was still drooling heavily and again looking weak and dull.  He just looked terrible, and I know he looked bad because my coworkers just got quiet and gave me sympathetic looks rather than the usual attempts to cheer me up.

The internist took over his case and did as full of a mouth exam as she could without sedation and there is a fractured tooth but it does not look fresh.  There was some uncertainty as to why he was drooling; he was drooling an awful lot for this to be just nausea, esp. since he hadn’t vomited at all, and with all the eating issues the past two days it was possible that there was something mechanically wrong in his mouth.  We would need to use full anesthesia to investigate that possibility. She suggested treating him for nausea for a few hours to see if it resolved the drooling; if not then he’d get knocked out, examined, x-rayed, and if that showed nothing they could use the endoscope to make sure nothing was wrong in his esophagus.

Luckily, Elliott stopped drooling after about 4 hours on a Reglan drip and after getting Anzemet and Pepcid. He ate a small amount this afternoon and we’ll try to give him more tonight.  We tested him for pancreatitis and Addison’s disease (results pending) and gave him a shot of steroid IV to see if it helped since all of this nausea business started after he was off his pred.

Man, he looked so sick this morning.  I kept changing the towel underneath his chin, he was soaking wet. And he was so dispirited, like he wasn’t even there.  It was terrible.

So why is he nauseous?  Why so much drool with no vomiting? Why won’t he eat even if he doesn’t seem nauseous?  Why the heck can’t he chew a slice of bread?  No idea.  None.  We are just treating his symptoms and waiting to see if the tests show anything or if this just mysteriously resolves with steroids, as some things do.  It’s frustrating not to know, but really right now what I want is for it to be fixed.  I want him to feel better, scarf his food, have some energy … if not as much as before the cancer, enough to let me know he is still enjoying himself.  I just want it fixed, and if steroids fix it, we’ll give steroids.  I just want him to come home and be himself.

We’re in the cardio room together now and he is resting but not asleep.  He doesn’t have a lot of pep but he is much brighter than before.  Tomorrow we shut off the drip, use only oral meds, and see how it goes.  This time he’s not coming home until he is doing well on his “at home” medication regimen.  Fingers crossed, good thoughts appreciated.



  1. Sending thoughts & prayers your way! I keep you & Elliott in my daily thoughts & look forward to good updates.

  2. Poor Elliott 😦 Could the fractured tooth have gotten infected in the last couple of days, even if it’s not a fresh fracture? He is very immune-compromised right now, great opening for the bad oral cavity bugs, no? When Cali went to the boarded dentist last week for her fractured tooth, both dentist and tech asked repeatedly if there’d been any drooling, change in eating habits, etc. We’re sending good thoughts, lots of love and have fingers and paws crossed. (((hugs)))

  3. Hope you either find what is causing the drooling or the steroids do the job and you just are left wondering. Unknown is worse than the knowing sometimes. Check every a.m. and p.m. for updates…..prayers always.

  4. Oh Jess, I’ve been reading your posts everyday. I can only imagine what all this is doing to you. I sometimes wonder if knowing more makes this even more difficult. You can think too much! I am so hoping tomorrow will be a better day for both of you. Give Elliott a big hug from all his friends here in WA. Blue says he would love to share a bone with him when his mouth and tummy are better. 🙂

  5. Jess Sending hugs ,postive thoughts. Keeping you both in thoughts and prayers. Give Elliott a hug and kiss for me.

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