Posted by: Adrianna | August 4, 2010

Daily update 8/4

7:40am Walked pretty far U+++, his choice. No interest in eating/pill pockets when we got back. Just laid down.

Elliott checking his pee-mail

8:40am Interested in cat food when I prepared it for cat.  Got him eating pill pockets so he ate levothyroxine, gabapentin, and Cytoxan 50mg. Then ate 1 6 oz can cat food and a bit of another can of Felidae.  I don’t know why, he wants to be hand fed.  He doesn’t like the bowl?  The location? I don’t know.

11:30am Dogwalker U++

3:15pm Dogwalker U++

6:30pm Got home from work.  I offered him an entire slice of bread which he eagerly snatched but then he had problems eating it.  He chomped a few times and moved it around his mouth but ended up having it fall out, slobbered but uneaten.  He laid down on his bed and I took the piece of bread and gave it to him in tiny pieces which he gobbled.  What is going on here?

Then I made him some scrambled egg.  He was very interested in it and snapped it up when I handed it to him bit by bit. After 20+ small pieces, I put the rest in a little cat bowl and offered it.  He started to lap it up and then suddenly backed up and didn’t want it. ????  I offered him a little piece and he reached for it but didn’t eat it.

7pm Walk U+++ BM +++ (soft). Very tired, dragged his feet even though he wanted to go farther. Fed him the rest of the scrambled egg piece by piece, which he ate. Then I offered him one of the most treasured treats in dogdom — Ice Cream.  I put it on a spoon and he lapped at it but would not take the ‘chunk’ in his mouth and actually avoided doing so.  As it melted, he licked the liquid (inc. when it dripped on the floor).

9:30pm Ate some canned cat food when spoonfed, almost 6 oz.  Same thing as before: when I offered a bigger piece he took it then abruptly dropped it and didn’t want any more of that food.  He also begged for some of my sandwich and I gave him small pieces of crust which he ate happily.

10pm Made him another two scrambled eggs and fed him the eggs in small pieces.  He eagerly ate every bit of egg when fed by hand or if put on the floor in front of him. I took advantage of this “mood” and tossed him levothyroxine, gabapentin, and tramadol in pill pockets.

11pm Solicited a walk but just peed and didn’t want to go too far.  Dasuquin soft chew.

So I have been pulling my hair out over here worrying about his mouth and if he is having trouble eating.  I was fairly convinced of this and then did a little test, the Greenie test.  He loves Greenies, I guess because they have no nutritional value and are unreasonably expensive.  So I handed him the dental chew and .. drum roll ..

He freakin ate it up.  Just chomped and chomped until it was gone.  Now it did seem like he avoided the left side of his mouth somewhat but I did see a few bites go that way.  AAARGH.  Am I crazy?  Why is he dropping food and becoming averse to it unless he has a pain problem?  I did give him tramadol but it wasn’t that long ago.  I have no idea what to make of this. And to top it off, while he was chewing he started to lean back on his hind legs like they were becoming weak.  He almost involuntarily sat down on his rump but then pulled himself back up at the last minute.  What the heck was that? I wish I just hadn’t been looking.

I don’t know if I am over-observant, over-thinking things, deranged, or permanently brain-compromised due to stress and lack of sleep. Or all these worrysome things are real and just happen not to make too much sense.


11:30pm Here he goes with the panting again.  I bet he swallowed a ton of air when I was throwing the egg around. Gas-X and Reglan in pill pockets.  How I miss the days when he’d just burp and fart on his own if he swallowed air …

12:20pm Sound asleep.



  1. wonder if his teeth or mouth hurt(s)? or if something’s stuck between his teeth?

  2. Do you think he may have mouth sores from the chemo? My uncle had them so bad that he couldn’t eat anything but baby food.

  3. maybe it’s as simple as his not feeling well and wanting to be babied a bit? that’s what my cats do when they need mommy.

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