Posted by: Adrianna | August 3, 2010

Daily update 8/3/10

7:30am I got up at five but he ws resting comfortably so I didn’t make him get up.  Right now he is resting on his bed and not inclined to get up either.

8am Walk U+++.  When we started, he was stiff for about half a block and then loosened up and trotted more comfortably.  He wanted to go an extra block so I let him.  He did get tired at the end but I think he had a good time sniffing and peeing (the male dog recreational sport). I broke the pill pockets into pieces and managed to get him to swallow gabapentin, levothyroxine, and 1/2 tab mirtazepine.

Fed one container Beneful plus 1/3 scoop EVO kibble.  I managed to hide a Beano capsule and 1/4 tab mirtazepine in the Beneful.  He ignored the kibble but ate the Beneful very quickly and seemed eager to eat more.  I gave him another container but he just ate a bite or two 😦  Still, better than nothing! I hope he’ll start to get stronger now that he’s eaten a bit.

I’m going to talk to the anesthesiologist I work with about his pain.  (She is also a pain mgmt specialist.) I watched him get up and move to another bed and he could barely take a few steps.  Once he gets going, he’s much more comfortable, so I think he is stiffening up when he’s lying down.  My other thought is that this is back pain; that’s why it hurts to change positions but not necessarily to walk (their spines are horizontal and don’t have the same pressure that ours do when we are upright).

10am He mosied over while I was eating breakfast and I gave him some pancake which he seemed to thorougly enjoy.

11am Walk U++ BM + (N!).  Again he wanted to walk farther, longer ! This is good!  Dasuquin soft chew. Ate a few more bites of Beneful when we got home 🙂

5pm Dogwalker U++ . She says he ate the rest of his breakfast and, although he still didn’t want to walk far, she felt he looked better today.  Yay!

10:20pm Walk U+++ (3600 steps today, not inc. dogwalker).  Levothyroxine, gabapentin, omeprazole, Cerenia (last day) in pill pockets. Zinpro biscuit.

Fed 1/3 cup EVO (put on the bottom of the bowl; I don’t expect him to eat it on purpose, just to swallow some kibbles caught up in the wet food), 1/2 can Whole Earth Farms (he has been turning his nose up at this, but I thought that if I mixed it …), 1 container Beneful. Gobbled up a few bites but left the rest. Aargh.

11:30pm Ate a little more dinner.

1:30am Walk U++ BM +++ (little soft).  Didn’t want to walk far.  Mirtazepine. Freeze dried chicken treat.



  1. Have you ever tried putting a dab of squirt cheese on the pill pocket? Cricket is on a spectrum of meds too and started that annoying routine you mention about chewing and spitting out the pill pockets. Squirt cheese worked wonders for her (Kraft Easy Cheese Cheddar flavor is her fav).

    She also exhibits the type of stiffness you describe. If you find a solution, let me know as I’d like to try it too. However, I’ve been taking Cricket to the chiropractor and it has made an immense difference in her mobility and quality of life. I’d have had to PTS by now if I hadn’t found the chiro for her. Just a suggestion…and maybe not medically “sanctioned,” but I suspect that, like me, if someone told you that it would make the dog feel better if you put on Ruby Red Slippers, tapped your heels three times, and spun in a circle, that you’d strongly consider doing it. 🙂

    Glad to hear Elliott’s doing better. Hang in there guys.

  2. ((((((((hugs)))))))) thinking of you and sending lots of healing light to Elliot….. These woofies do melt our hearts.


    • Good to “see” you Kimmee! Hope you and yours are well!

  3. Good news that he wants to walk and eat! Go Elliott!

    I know you thought his stiffness may be related to stopping the pred. Do you think the slow down in appetite might be as well? What would be the downside of a low dose of pred if it helps with both?

    • I was discussing that with his onco and internist today. He was extremely pu/pd on the pred (I had to get up in the middle of the night, every night) and constantly panting, so we may try very low dose every-other-day or try budesonide (more on that later).

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