Posted by: Adrianna | August 2, 2010

Late night update

He has been home since late afternoon now.  He seems very achy still, and he wanted his extra-special canned food, not any of his regular foods.   I’m very disappointed because he seemed so ravenous in the hospital, I thought he was coming home as his old self.  I feel like my hope/optimisim is so precarious, like if he’s not looking stellar it’s the end of the world.

It’s also frustrating that I can’t do much for his pain.  He can’t have NSAIDs because of his liver, and I’m not sure that tramadol isn’t part of the problem in terms of affecting his appetite.  I gave him tramadol as soon as we got home and his appetite didnt’ seem to be as good after that, and he seemed more lethargic.  NOthing is clear cut with animals since they can’t speak .. One of my many nightmares is that I am giving one of my animals something that makes them feel badly in some mild/moderate way but they can’t tell me and I keep giving it.  What if it makes him feel a little woozy, or queasy, or gives him a funny taste in his mouth, but not really nauseous (so no major symptoms)?   Aargh.  Maybe I over=think things, maybe I worry too much.  I dunno.

His treatment plan if he does NOT vomit any more is to give the cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan) tomorrow night and for the next two days, orally.  The onco doesn’t want to lose ground on his treatment by delaying it further.  BTW, this means that she is pretty sure it’s not a relapse or she’d abandon the cytoxan altogether.

I’ve just been so high-strung the past few days.  He, however, is snoozing soundly, I think he has the right idea.



  1. Just following along here with your special boy Elliott. The pictures are priceless. It’s so difficult caring for your loved one – but remember to care for yourself too – Elliott needs you! Sending the warmest of thoughts to both of you!

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