Posted by: Adrianna | August 2, 2010

Daily update 8/2/10

So today started out rather badly.  Elliott did not really want to go out for a walk, didn’t want to do the stairs, and didn’t have an appetite.  He ate two mouthfuls of Beneful (that is his ‘ambrosia’ food) but that was it.  He wouldn’t even eat any pill pockets so I couldn’t give him his morning meds.  He shuffled around the apartment, shuffled during his walk, and generally seemed to be a million years old and miles away even from the dog who chowed down in the hospital yesterday.

I went to work feeling terrible.  I wanted to speak to the internist but when I thought about how badly he looked his morning I felt like crying, and didn’t want to make a scene at work.  I spoke to his oncologist on the phone who stressed that his ultrasound was “clean” so she could not make a case for this being cancer-related.  The vincristine should be out of his system by now too.   Basically no one has any idea why he is feeling poorly.One suggestion was to put him on mirtazepine (appetite stimulant).

I got home from work and he was lying on one of his many beds.  He lifted his head but didn’t get up, and didn’t get up for a few minutes.  We shuffled outside where he peed a few times but again seemed exhausted.

Now we’re getting to a point here where merely the fact that he hasn’t eaten much in the past 5 days is also a factor in him feeling weak.  So I made it a mission for him to  eat tonight. I put some Beneful in a cat bowl, offering it first to the cats (to add to the allure, of course) and then, after spiking it with 1/2 dose mirtazepine, offered it to him.  He ate some on his own and I spoon-fed the rest. He also drank a lot of water which is good because I haven’t seen him drink much.

I made a sandwich for myself and, again using some subterfuge, got him to eat an entire slice of bread.  He was “in the zone” after that and I got him to eat the second half of the Beneful container.  Still way below his daily requirement but not a bad start.  I got him to eat Cerenia and omeprazole in pill pockets but when I tried the gabapentin, he chewed it and spat it out.  (Annoyingly, he recently decided to start chewing his pill pockets rather than swallowing them whole.) So I’m not sure what to do about that.

Right now he’s resting on the floor.

9pm Got him to eat some i/d by hand feeding.  Hid gabapentin inside 🙂

10pm Walk U+++ BM + (normal!).  No shuffling except at the end!  A bit of his usual spring in his step, went two blocks. Hand fed a little more i/d when we got back, plus Dasuquin soft chew.



  1. Glad thing are clam at your house. My dog Snuffy when she was not feeling well like to be hand fed.Mandy wants hand fed when she is not well.Guess it is easier ,so they don’t have to bend head and up. Hugs to all

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