Posted by: Adrianna | July 30, 2010

Daily update 7/30/10

I woke up several times in the night to check on him (no alarm needed anymore); he was sleeping each time so we didn’t go out.

9am Walk (1510 steps) U++ .  No diarrhea, interested in walking but did get tired at the end as usual.  Levothyroxine, gabapentin, omeprazole, tramadol, glutamine in pill pockets. Freeze-dried chicken treats.

9:30am Attempted to feed i/d: no interest.  Uh-oh. Gave 1/2 can Whole Earth Farms; ate some.  He still wants treats but he does not want his regular food. Drinking water.

10:15am Bit the bullet and gave him Anzemet injection.  I don’t think he noticed! Lying on the floor resting.

He’s supposed to start his oral Cytoxan today but I’m not comfortable doing so until I see him eat and hold his food down.

BTW, it occurred to me that his recent slowdown on walks could be due to stopping the prednisone.  It is a very powerful anti-inflammatory for old joints … that could be why he’s stiffer now.  He probably feels like he’s aged a million years in the past few days; it’s one thing to gradually get stiff with age, it’s another to have it all rush back at once 😦   He could also just not be feeling too well, we’ll see if he perks up, walk-wise, once he’s feeling better.

11am Lip-licking. Ugh.

12pm Hangs out begging for pancakes.  I give him 1/2 of a whole wheat pancake which he eats eagerly.  I try to hand feed him some i/d — not having it. Drinks water.

1:30pm Gave him his first dose of oral Cytoxan.  Ursodiol in pill pocket. Freeze dried chicken treat.  Not interested in his WEF canned food but would love another pancake 🙂  Once I see that he doesn’t have blowout diarrhea we’ll talk about additional pancakes.

2:10pm Spoke to his oncologist on the phone, who of course said off the bat not to give the Cytoxan which I had just given 😦  She said it was ok that I’d done so as it was just a single dose, but not to give it tomorrow unless his appetite is back. The vincristine effects (I’m fairly sure it’s caused him some ileus ) should really be gone by then.

2:40pm Walk U++. Furosemide 12.5mg (diuretic to keep him peeing out the Cytoxan) and metronidazole in pill pockets. Freeze-dried chicken (his new favorite) treat.

5:10pm Vomited twice. This is bad.

5:50pm Took him out even though he probably vomited the Cytoxan and he didn’t really want to go out.  He balked at the stairs so we took the elevator.  He wanted to walk a little farther than I expected.  U++ .  Wanted his elevator treat (I gave a small one) and went to the kitchen for his post-walk treat.  I think he’s hungry but there’s no sense in feeding him yet.  I did give him a freeze-dried chicken treat.

We are going on 48 hours without keeping food down.  I’ll have to take him in to the hospital tomorrow if he doesn’t get better over night.  I’m extremely concerned that this is a resurgence of his disease. I’m scared.

7:50pm Vomited again. Lip licking.

8pm More puke we are going to the hospital, he is very weak.



  1. Please give Elliott a kiss & give yourself a hug from Auntie Steph! ❤

  2. I like pancakes instead of ID, too.

  3. just saw that you’re at the hospital with him. we’re sending good thoughts. (((elliott)))

  4. i’ll be up all night if you need an “ear”. hope your boy is all right now. good luck at hospital, jess.

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