Posted by: Adrianna | July 29, 2010


5:10am Up again to walk him — this time he woke me up by standing on the bed and staring at me.  U++ BM+ (total diarrhea).  Then he walked about 20 feet, stopped, made a sour face, and vomited three times.  He seemed to feel better after these, uh, expulsions but was still a little dumpy.  I’m not sure what to do — I don’t think he’s generally nauseated (he still wanted his good-behavior-in-the-elevator treat and was scandalized when he did not get his post-walk biscuit) and I am not sure if I should start metronidazole.

8am A very good, dear, devoted friend came over to help me get blood from Elliott so he doesn’t need to go to work with me today (saves me a ton of money).  We had to feed him more treats i.e. give him diarrhea fuel, but so it goes.  He was quite agitated this morning in general. Fingers crossed for a good blood test result.

His oncologist isn’t at work yet and I haven’t otherwise decided about the metronidazole.

9am Walk (1100 steps) U+++. Gabapentin, levothyroxine, omeprazole in i/d meatballs.  1/2 can i/d, ate eagerly.  Seemed a little tired on his walk but he wanted to go further.

~1pm Dogwalker U++ She says he quickly peed and wanted to go back home.

UPDATE: CBC comes back.  Some mild abnormalities which freak me out (mild thrombocytosis and monocytosis) but the oncologist is not concerned.  She dispensed the Cytoxan with instructions to start tomorrow if he doesn’t vomit again.

I checked out the plucked hairs in the microscope at work, no luck (luck?) spotting any demodex.

7:30pm Elliott was sprawled out on his fancy orthopedic bed when I got home and rolled over a little for belly rubs. He wanted attention so we cuddled for a while and I was happy to see him apparently feeling better, no diarrhea the whole day, and then I got up to change to take him out and … there was a big ol’ puddle of puke on the floor.  It looked like all of the barely-chewed treats from our blood-taking session this morning.  He scarfed them down so I’m not terribly surprised they came back up but I’m disappointed because it makes it unclear if he’s sick or if he just had a scarf-n-barf.

Walk U+++ BM + (normal, yay!).  Grabbed at some grass while we were walking and then slowed down, started drooling, and vomited bile and grass three times. Ugh. Shuffled home. It’s not out of the question for him to vomit bile after having an empty stomach all day (barfing the treats etc from this morning) but again this muddies the water–is he sick or not?

9pm Resting, seems tired.  Not soliciting food, but although he has always been a good eater, he was more of an opportunistic begger than a food-demander.

9:20pm Levothyroxine, famotidine, gabapentin in i/d meatballs. Gave 1/2 can i/d; ate most but not all 😦

9:50pm Started lip-licking, urgently wanted to go out.  Surprisingly, didn’t vomit but rather had a large amt of liquid diarrhea. Squatted a few times after that but didn’t produce anything.  Walked slowly, seems to feel poorly.  Now I worry if he has abdominal pain.

One wee good sign: we were on our way up the path to the building when he got a whiff of a Very Important Pee and had to hunt around for it so he could take a good sniff of the affected leaves and pee on top of them. A little show of spirit.

Gave piece of freeze-dried chicken, gobbled it up.  Drank some water, rubbed his face on the couch as usual, now resting on the floor.

11pm Resting quietly.  I should give him an Anzemet shot, I know, but I’m sort of too chicken to do it when I’m not convinced it’s necessary.  It won’t be easy to give him an injection and  in case there is a limited amt of times he’ll let me get away with it, I’m loathe to do it without certainty.

11:30pm Found and ate the remaining i/d and licked the bowl.  Feeling better?

1:30am Walk (1160 steps) U++ BM ? pure liquid diarrhea.  Yup.  I guess we’ll re-start the metronidazole.  Metronidazole, tramadol, Gas-X in pill pockets.  Dasuquin soft chew.  Freeze-dried chicken treat. I will try to stay up a little later, walk him, then maybe he’ll be empty and I’ll be able to sleep for longer.



  1. fingers crossed here for good blood test result too.

    is it a silly suggestion to bring along a little kiddy wagon or stroller on your walks, so he can walk as far as he likes, but ride back if he gets too tired?

    • It would have to be a very big wagon 🙂 He’s 28 kg (65lb)! I’m hoping things will ease up as the heat breaks …

      • Oops. I thought he was smaller than that. Maybe a wheelbarrow with lots of cushions LOL. Meowzi’s stroller goes up to 60 lbs; I think there are some that go up to 100 lbs. Oh I just asked DH and he says Toys R Us does have fairly large kiddy wagons that may fit him.

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