Posted by: Adrianna | July 28, 2010


8am Elliott peed on the carpet overnight.  I know he must have been desperate, and obviously couldn’t wake me up, becaue hehe always tries to be a good boy.  Sigh.  But that was our last day of pee-inducing pred so hopefully we’re done with this.  Walk U+++ BM +++ (diarrhea aargh). Levothyroxine, Oxstrin, ursodiol, gabapentin, Marin in pill pockets. Zinpro biscuit.

Elliott also has been licking one of his feet and has some hair loss:

"moth-eaten" look on R front paw

I think there is some association between doxorubicin and itchiness and fur .. I’ll have to ask his oncologist.

~1pm Dogwalker U++

7:45pm Walk (560 steps) U++ BM ++ (N).  He seems to feel poorly 😦  He didn’t want to walk far at all and he tried to eat some grass which he hasn’t done since before chemo. I didn’t give him his meds yet because the grass might make him puke.  I’ll wait a half hour.

9pm I haven’t fed him yet, he doesn’t seem interested.  He’s lying on his bed in front of the AC, zonked out.

9:30pm Still resting, but looked interested when I fed the cats.  Fed 1 can Whole Earth Farms adult plus 1/3 c EVO. Ate all canned food and almost all dry.

10pm Levothyroxine, gabapentin, Oxstrin in pill pockets. Greenie.  Ate happily.

Aargh I’m flipping out about the fur loss on his foot.  I’ve convinced myself it’s demodex (non-contagious mange).  This means he’s headed for a painful skin scraping. Dammit.

11:30pm Walk (brief) U+++ BM ++ (N). Dasuquin soft chew. Tramadol, Benadryl in pill pockets. Zinpro biscuit.  Drank water +++ , guess I’ll get up in the middle of the night tonight. sigh.

1am Walk (1310 steps) U+++ BM + (total diarrhea).  Seemed to feel a little better, wanted to walk a little farther.  Walked him now in the hopes that I could sleep until I have to get up for work, rather than taking two shorter naps.

2am Agitated.  Walk U++.


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