Posted by: Adrianna | July 27, 2010


7:40am Woke me up panting. Walk (2520 steps) U+++ (why is he peeing so much??) BM ++ (soft).  Nice long walk, it was pretty cool out this morning. He got tired when we were about 3/4 of the way home, so not too bad, and I really think he enjoyed the walk. Levothyroxine, gabapentin in pill pocket. Zinpro biscuit.

Morning walk time!

8:45am Fed 1 can Merrick (he loves this food, too bad it’s so expensive or I’d feed it every day) with 2/3 c EVO sprinkled on top.  This works out better than putting the kibble on the bottom where he can avoid it 😉  Urosdiol, Marin hidden in food.  He ate all the Merrick but managed to leave a few kibbles in the bowl.

12pm Sleeping comfortably.

2:30pm Walk (1020 steps) U+++ BM ++ (N). Denamarin, gabapentin, pred 5mg in pill pocket.  Last dose of pred w00t!

7:30pm Solicited walk (panting, staring). Walk (2678 steps) U+++ BM ++ (soft). He was really tired by the second 1/2 of the walk … one of those times where I tried to turn back a bit earlier a few times, but he insisted on continuing and I didn’t argue hard enough. Levothyroxine, gabapentin in pill pocket.  Drinking a lot of water (pred today).

9pm Fed 1 can CORE and 1/3 c kibble. Ate all! Drinking more water … Very interested in spaghetti leftovers so I gave him some .  I know, I know, this eliminates my right to complain about gas for tonight, but a joyful look on a dog’s face is worth a few minutes of high-powered fanning!

11:25pm Walk (800 steps) U++ .  Aargh why didn’t he pee more, I know he is going to wake me up.  He was very tired though and didn’t want to go far. Dasuquin soft chew.  Two EFA caps in pill pockets, One Earth biscuit.



  1. I would like to provide a few cans of Merrick for Elliot – can you send me a paypal address?


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