Posted by: Adrianna | July 25, 2010


8am Walk (1750 steps) U+++ BM ++ It is already a million degrees out, so humid it looks misty. Levothyroxine, gabapentin, tramadol, ursodiol, in i/d. Dasuquin soft chew.  BTW, I was trying to wait until the last minute to walk E so we didn’t have to go out twice before I left for work … he was down with it, until I poured milk into my cereal … then he urgently Needed To Go. Sigh.

~1pm Dogwalker U++

6pm Home from work; Elliott is comfortable sleeping on the bed and not interested in a walk yet.  It rained a ton so we have finally shut off the AC and opened the windows.

(strange bedfellows, I know!)

7:30pm Walk (1690 steps) U+++ BM + (N). Much cooler out, we had a nice walk. He seems to feel a little better.

11pm Walk U++ Gabapentin, tramadol in pill pocket.



  1. I am so glad i got to meet Elliot-he is a special puppy. Hi-Venita just told me about Elliot-I didn’t know he was ill-I have been out of the loop. I just wanted to lend my support and send my love, strength and prayers to you. Please email me and let me know how you are doing-what’s going on in your life. You are a special person-I will never forget you:)

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