Posted by: Adrianna | July 24, 2010


9:10am Walk (1295 steps) U++++ BM ++ (slightly soft).  Mad dash for the door, he had to pee pretty bad.  It was already 87F out:( but Elliott wanted to walk farther; I cut it short this time and although he resisted, he again ended up half-dragging himself back about 2/3 of the way through the walk.  I wish it weren’t so hot out because then we could at least sit in the courtyard so he could have some ‘outside stimulation’ time without having to walk so far. Frustrating. In the evening, when it’s cooler, it seems like families from the building always bring their kids to the courtyard to shriek and run around (sorry kids but it’s true) and that’s not exactly the stimulation he needs.

Gave levothyroxine, gabapentin, tramadol, 2 EFA caps in pill pockets.

9:30am Fed 1 can Wellness CORE food and 2/3 c EVO. Gas-X in food. Ate all.

11:30am Sound asleep on the bed.

5pm Walk (1440 steps) U+++ BM ++. Dasuquin soft chew. Tramadol in pill pocket.  Gabapentin, levothyroxine in i/d meatball.  Fed 1/2 can i/d plus boiled egg, ate all.

11pm Walk U++ BM ++. Dasuquin soft chew (forgot I already gave it). Denamarin. EVO in Molecuball.


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