Posted by: Adrianna | July 23, 2010


5am He woke me up panting and staring. Walk (456 stesps) U+++. Gave metoclopramide, Gas-X, tramadol in pill pocket.  (In case he’s agitated because he’s gassy or painful.)

11am Levothyroxine, gabapentin, ursodiol, Marin in pill pockets.  Fed 1/2 can i/d plus 2/3 c EVO.

11:10am Walk (1777 steps) U+++ BM ++ (N). Dasuquin soft chew. He wanted to go farther, but was very slow the last half of the walk.  It is still somewhat humid out.

2pm Begged for some of my lunch. A little gassy.

3:30pm Sleeping soundly.  I don’t think he feels that well (his back?) and doesn’t seem keen to go out.

6pm Pred 5mg (now on every other day) in pill pocket.

6:20pm Agitated, wants to go out (finally). Walk (1165 steps) U+++ BM ++ (N). It is incredibly humid out, but even apart from this I think he feels poorly.  He shuffled for most of the walk. Gabapentin, methocarbamol, tramadol in pill pockets. Mr. Pugs biscuit.

8:20pm Fed 1/2 can i/d plus boiled egg.  Ate all.  Filled his Molecuball with EVO; he wasn’t interested, although he guarded it from the cat.

9:45pm I showed him his Molecuball again and he played with it for a few minutes, eating some kibbles, then drank water.

I am a little worried that his less-than-eager appetite is from the lack of pred rather than an immediate post-chemo reaction. Too early to tell. He’s also achy today so that could have something to do with it.

10:20pm Walk (1195 steps) U+++ BM ++. Marin in pill pocket. Dasuquin soft chew, One Earth biscuit.



  1. ((((You and Elliott)))) are always in my thoughts.

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