Posted by: Adrianna | July 21, 2010


Remember when Elliott jumped up and started panting at 2:30am in the morning?  It was because he peed in the bed, something I didn’t realize until I got back in the bed after walking him.  Yup.  I jumped back in bed after our walk, stretched out my legs and … made a realization.

9am Walk U+++ BM + (normal). Levythyroxine, gabapentin, ursodiol, Marin, Gas-X in i/d meatballs.  Fed 1/2 can i/d plus 2/3 c EVO, ate all of the i/d and most of the EVO.

~3pm Dogwalker U++

8pm Walk (1970 steps) U+++ BM ++ (normal, just in time for chemo tomorrow).  Pred 5mg in pill pocket. Zinpro biscuit. When we were about halfway through the walk, he slowed down and appeared dazed for about 3 seconds, then went back to normal 😦  He slowed down a great deal for the last 1/4 of the walk.

8:30pm Fed 2/3 c EVO plus 1/2 can i/d. Levothyroxine, gabapentin, CoQ10, Oxstrin in i/d meatballs.

9:30pm Panting.Gave him a Greening.  Gas-X, Benadryl in pill pocket.

11pm Walk (1010 steps) U+++ BM ++ (N). EFA in pill pocket. Zinpro biscuit.

1:45am Woke up and he was panting. Took him out immediately. U++ BM ++ (N).  I don’t know why he is poo’ing so much. One Earth biscuit.



  1. I think we might have a spare waterproof mattress pad. Or at least there’s that package of chux left over from Iz. Do you want? Email or text …

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