Posted by: Adrianna | July 18, 2010


5:30am Up to walk Elliott.  He peed on the floor as I was getting ready. Outside U+++ . Levothyroxine, gabapentin in pill pocket.  Zinpro biscuit.

12pmWalk U+++. Very hot out! He started hot-footing when we were crossing the street, the asphalt must be too hot.  He is stretched out in front of the AC now but generally he hasn’t been as prone to overheating as he was on the higher dose of pred, for whatever reason (that’s not listed as a side effect of pred).

5:10pm Solicted walk by staring at me and panting.  U++ BM + (soft). One Earth biscuit.

8:10pm Elliott started campaigning for another walk.  I decided that he must be getting stir crazy because he is not getting enough exercise.  It has been very hot the past few weeks adn I’ve also been very tired from not sleeping, from walking him 6-8x a day, etc. So we walked pretty far. I decided to start measuring it with the pedometer, according to my steps taken. Tonight’s walk: 2480 steps. U+++ BM ++ (normal). One Earth biscuit.

9:45pm Fed 2/3 c EVO plus 1/2 can i/d. Gave gabapentin, CoQ10, ursodiol, pred 5mg, Cell Advance 440 in i/d meatballs.  Ate eagerly.



  1. It is interesting that increased panting is not listed as a side effect for cats and dogs. Increased sweating is a side effect for humans.

    • That is interesting; panting is listed as a side effect of pred, but not heat intolerance; the cause for the panting is unknown but not thought to be related to heat. I’ve definitely noticed heat intolerance in Elliott, so perhaps the “sweating” side effect in humans *is* related. Thanks for mentioning that.

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