Posted by: Adrianna | July 13, 2010


6am Woke up for walk; Elliott was sleeping on his back, legs akimbo, and merely grunted when I spoke to him.  I waited about an hour and then made him get up for a walk.

7am He lip-smacked a little, but I don’t think it was nausea-related. Walk U+++ BM++ (diarrhea 😦 )  Levothyroxine, gabapentin, omeprazole in pill pocket.  Zinpro biscuit.

8am Sleeping peacefully.

8:30am Fed 1/2 can i/d.  Didn’t eat all of it, even though it is a small amount 😦   Begged for part of my breakfast, though, so I wonder if he is turning off the i/d for some reason.

10:30am Walk U++ no diarrhea.  Tramadol, pred 5mg, metronidazole in pill pocket. Mr. Pugs biscuit. A little lethargic towards the end of the walk.

11am Ate boiled egg.

~3pm Dogwalker U++

~7pm Dogwalker U++

10:20pm Walk U+++ BM++ (normal!).  A bit of a longer walk, to feed a stray cat.  He was enthusiastic for about 2/3s of it and then tired out. Levothyroxine, gabapentin, metronidazole in pill pocket. Zinpro biscuit.

10:40pm Fed 1c EVO kibble (I forgot to bring more i/d home, unfortunately). Gas-X in pill pocket.


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