Posted by: Adrianna | July 11, 2010


1:50am Walk U+++.  no diarrhea yet.  Pred 5mg in pill pocket. Another 1/2 can i/d, ate eagerly.

6:20am Walk U+++, no BM. Levothyroxine, gabapentin, tramadol, ursodiol in pill pocket. Mr. Pugs biscuit.  Fed  1 can i/d w/ Marin and gas-X. Ate eagerly.

8:10am Walk — no urine, no BM, he thought we were going for a car ride and was too excited 😦

11:30am Dogwalkter U++.  She thinks he looks like his normal self. Metronidazole in pill pocket.

3:30pm Dogwalker U++

7pm Walk U+++ BM ++ (normal!). Levothyroxine, gabapentin in pill pocket. Zinpro biscuit.

7:30pm Fed 1 can i/d. Put Marin and Gas-X on food, E avoided eating them. Tramadol in pill pocket; Elliott chewed the pocket (rather than gulping as usual) and made a sour face.

10:45pm Solicited walk by getting on the bed and staring at my face. U+++ BM ++ (normal). Pred, metronidazole in pill pockets. Zinpro biscuit. He seems like he might be hungry, but I’m going to withhold extra food until tomorrow.



  1. Awww 🙂 Cute that he gets excited about car rides. Wish I was closer; I’d give him plenty of car rides.

  2. I’m following your progress and hoping for the best for both of you. It’s exhausting, I know. If anyone can get him through, you can.

    I know many grateful people who you’ve helped in the past are rooting for you and sending you both good vibes! I’m one of them.

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