Posted by: Adrianna | July 10, 2010


1am Got home from the party.  Picked up some canned i/d while I was out.  E was sleeping on the bed when I got in, and there was no diarrhea in the apartment (yay).  He didn’t get up so I didn’t turn around and walk him immediately, I figured I’d feed him first.  He got up when I went into the kitchen and was interested in food.  He very happily ate a can of i/d and then walked into the living room and peed on the carpet.  Yup.

I can’t help it, I’m annoyed.  I’d’ve walked him first if he had shown even the slightest interest.  And, it’s not quite five hours since his last walk, and he is on low-dose pred.  He obviously had to go (I then walked him and he peed a ton more) but I don’t know why he couldn’t give me a slight indication.  And of course he had to pee on one of the two small carpets in the apartment.

3am  Walk U+++ BM++ (very soft but somewhat formed). EFA, Denamarin in pill pocket. Mr. Pugs biscuit.

* Elliott started doing poorly. We went to the ER at 4:30am and we  just got back.  I haven’t slept at all, will update later, he’s doing better **

4am Elliott is extremely agitated, won’t settle down, standing in front of the door.  Twice I walked him then sat in the courtyard while he walked around off-leash, extremely restless, no vomiting or diarrhea.

4:30am  Called a cab to take him to the ER.  I thought at first that he was just agitated because he had diarrhea, but now I’m worried that he’s bloating.

5-6:30am Vomited twice upon arrival at the hospital, so no serious bloat.  Still panting, shaking, won’t lie down.  Gave small amount of tranquilizer, ran in-house bloodwork (looked good), took x-rays.  X-rays show a big air-filled stomach but no evidence of GDV. He started having liquid diarrhea and then seemed to feel better.

8am When his internist arrived (have I already mentioned she’s wonderful?), we did an abominal ultrasound which only showed improvement from his previous ultrasound (the one he had when diagnosed).  Walk U+++ (peed in the foyer of the hospital, couldn’t hold it :(), more diarrhea. Metronidazole in i/d ‘meatball’.

10am Started fluids for a few hours and let him rest.  He slept like a rock for several hours, not even wanting to get up to pee.  I haven’t slept since last night.  Famotidine 14mg IV.

12pm Won’t get up, too exhausted, wants to be left alone to sleep.

2:30pm A wonderful, wonderful friend agreed to pick us up so we save $40 and I don’t have to panic that he’s going to poo in the cab.  I had to rouse him to get up and outside; he peed in the hallway and outside, no diarrhea.

4pm Arrived home.  More pee, still no diarrhea.  He still seems weak and exhausted. Pred 5mg, gabapentin in pill pocket. Quickly fell asleep in front of AC.

7:20pm Walk U+++, peed as soon as we were outside (before we cleared the alleyway to the sidewalk) then turned around to come in.  Still weak and exhausted.

9pm Metronidazole, omeprazole in pill pocket, Gas-X in food.  1/2 can i/d, ate eagerly.

9:15pm Walk U++. No diarrhea yet.  Drank water +.

9:50pm Sleeping in front of AC.  Going to try to sleep for 2 hours and then take him out again.



  1. Oh gosh you must’ve been so worried. I hope he’s doing better, and that you got some rest. (((Elliott))) (((You)))

  2. You must be sooo exhausted. How do you keep going? I hope he rallies soon.

  3. Try to get some rest.Hope Elliott gets to feeling better soon.Hugs to both

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