Posted by: Adrianna | July 3, 2010

No signs yet …

I’m still waiting for the vincristine to hit the fan (intestines) so to speak … So far it’s like he didn’t have chemo, except for the regurgitation this morning.  I’m not going to flip out about it because it was more like a ‘scarf and barf’ than a real ‘I feel sick’ incident.  The only disturbing thing is that last night’s dinner (and his Denamarin) were still in his stomach.  Based on his peeing, I’m pretty sure he’s absorbed every dose of his pred, so I don’t know why the food got stuck in his stomach.

I did go to the drug store today and get Gas-X and Beano.  There are definitely more embarrassing things than standing in a long drugstore line with only these two items, but it still ranks as pretty embarrassing.  There are 6 types of Gas-X (simethecone) and three types of Beano so I had to spend a bit of time in the Farts and Barfs aisle to begin with.

One of my coworkers who is forced to listen to my frequent worry-worting would probably roll his eyes at this, but I hae to say that all this gas has me worried about bloat.  At work I have seen a few young, active large breed dogs (and one Corgi) come in with bloat but the majority of the bloats have actually been elderly dogs.  I’m not sure why, but so it goes, so as E’s gotten older I’ve had it in the back of my mind.  I’m sorry I didn’t have him pexy’d when he had his liver biopsy.



  1. ohhh, bloat — yikes. well, i’m sure it’s something the oncologist has dealt with as a side effect so hopefully he/she’ll be able to advise you.

    is there a standard time period at which elliott’s chemo is at its peak? like i’ve heard the CCNU peaks at 1-2 weeks after administration.

  2. oops — i just saw your earlier post in which you answer this with relation to the vincristine.

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