Posted by: Adrianna | July 3, 2010


12:15am He is panting and extremely gassy.  I wonder if it’s the Beneful? He was eating kibble for a few days and this wasn’t happening. Gave 25mg simethicone.  Walk U++. Denamarin in pill pocket. Drank water +++

5:30am Walk U+++ BM+++ (soft).  Levothyroxine, gabapentin, tramadol in pill pocket. Meaty Bone Biscuit. Experimented with waiting 5.5 hrs between walks, at least overnight, because pred dose is lower.  Elliott had two very long “urgent” pees once we got outside, even though I had to awaken him for the walk.

10am Regurgitation. Fed 1.3 c CORE with sprinkle of nutrtional yeast. Ate quickly, began making grunting noises and running around the room.  Finally regurgitated the kibble PLUS last night’s dinner (I recognized the food coloring of the Beneful!) and it smelled terrible 😦   I hope he was able to absorb some of his meds.

10:45am Walk U+++ BM+++ (soft). Gave 10mg pred in pill pocket. Meaty Bone biscuit. Drank water ++

11am Resting

11:30am Walk U++. Mr. Pugsly biscuit.

5pm Walk U+++. BM ++. Gabapentin, tramadol in pill pocket.

7pm Fed 1 c CORE kibble with yeast sprinkles. Same thing: ate and then ran out of the kitchen grunting.  It wasn’t as bad as this morning, and I gave him a Gas-X (the box says it Relieves Gas FAST) so who knows if that helped.  I think I’ll have to feed him in his Molecuball (aka the Atomic Treat Ball) from now on.

9:15pm Walk U+++ BM+ (normal). Nice long-ish walk, the weather is perfect tonight. Put kibbles in his Molecuball, he played with it for some time. Levothyroxine, gabapentin, pred 10mg, Marin in pill pockets.


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