Posted by: Adrianna | July 2, 2010


Set alarm for 2:30am, but it either didn’t go off or I turned it off in my sleep.  So, unfortunately, was awakened at 5am by Elliott, inches from my face and stressed and panting.  A pee emergency.  I shoved my feet into flip flops, leashed him and we *ran* into the hall, down the stairs, and got out the door before he made a massive pee.  Two more mega-pees plus BM++ before we went back in. Bad mommy, I know, I feel terrible. Gabapentin, levothyroxine in pill pocket.

8:15am He woke me up (less dramatically) for another pee. U+++ BM++.  Pred 10mg, tramadol in pill pocket. Breakfast: kibble and cottage cheese, ate two mouthfuls 😦  Added Beneful (aka nectar of the chemodoGs), ate that but not kibble.

10am Sound asleep 🙂

11am Walk U++. Denamarin in pill pocket. Mr. Pugsly biscuit.

3pm Walk U+++ BM++ (normal). Came back and ate kibble in bowl, yay! EFA cap in pill pocket, Meaty Bone biscuit.

4pm Snoozing.

7:15pm Walk U+++ BM+ (he is pooing a lot!). Levothyroxine, gabapentin, EFA cap, pred 10mg in pill pocket.

9pm Fed 1.3c CORE kibble and Beneful. Ate all!

9:30pm Walk U++. Greenie.

10pm Panting, restless. I didn’t give him tramadol tonight, coincidence? Gave tramadol in pill pocket.


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