Posted by: Adrianna | July 1, 2010

Chemo today: MDR1 negative

Great news: Elliott is negative for the MDR1 mutation! I urge anyone with a herding breed or suspicious-looking mixed breed to get their dog tested; you can do it with a cheek swab ordered directly from WSU.

This good news means that he was able to get his full dose of vincristine, drug #2 in the arsenal against lymphoma.  He was a good boy for his chemo, lying there quietly as long as he was hand-fed treats 🙂 .  (The onco department at my hospital is pretty great — they are quite willing to work with each animal to make sure that s/he is comfortable and chemo is as positive an experience as possible.)  This is a dog whose anxiety has caused considerable difficulty in administering drugs in the past, so I truly appreciate their patience with him.

Side effects from vincristine take 3-5 days to show up so we are still basking in his pred-fueled ravenous appetite and hopefully will do so until at least Sunday night.  Today is our first day of reduced-dose pred so I am hoping I can get some sleep soon.  Thus far it’s just about 3 hrs at a time since he needs to go out about every four hours.

Thank you to everyone for the good wishes! More fingers crossed that his GI system tolerates the vincristine, and the lymphoma cells DON’T.



  1. great news, jess! saw your 1-wk assessment and chemo wrapup and both sound great. give elliott a big smooch from me and cleo.

  2. That is such great news Hugs to you and Elliott.

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