Posted by: Adrianna | June 30, 2010


1am Walk U+++. EFA cap, Marin in pill pocket.

5:30am Walk U+++. Levothyroxine, gabapentin, methocarbamol, Denamarin in pill pocket. Panting but then settled.

7:45am Ate 1c CORE kibble plus cottage cheese, no Beneful — yay!

9:10am Walk U+++ BM++ (normal). CoQ10, Pred 15mg, tramadol in pill pocket. Ate Mr. Pugsley’s PB biscuit. Water +++.

~12pm Walk with dogwalker U++

~4pm Walk with dogwalker U++

7:30pm Levothyroxine, gabapentin, Marin in pill pocket.  Walked for a few blocks without tiring. U+++. Drank water ++

8:30pm Ate 1 1/3 cup kibble plus two spoonfuls of cottage cheese. Drank water ++

9pm Panting (not hot). Tramadol, methocarbamol in pill pocket.

10pm Walk U++. Drank water +++. Pred 15mg, gabapentin (additional dose) in pill pocket. Panting.


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