Posted by: Adrianna | June 29, 2010

One-week reassessment

Exactly one week ago I assisted in a cardiac surgery while blinking tears out of my eyes because Elliott had just been diagnosed. He was weak, nauseous, stinky (sticky drool around his mouth), and hadn’t kept food down in more than three days.

Today he was energetic (though far from strong) and had a great appetite (for tasty items, no kibbles pls).  He had a spring in his step and several coworkers noted it was “night and day” from last week.  His lymph nodes have pretty much normalized in size (though I still feel that right submandibular one might be a little bigger than normal) after starting pred and just one dose of chemo.  He hasn’t vomited in 8 days and, apart from a bit of lip-smacking last Saturday afternoon, he hasn’t seemed nauseous.

I am both happy to report this and trying not to think about it too much, to get my hopes up.  I know that after his next chemo dose (this Thursday or Friday, depending on when we get his genetic test back) he might have a few days of feeling poorly and I don’t want to get clipped in the middle of an upswing.  When the ground is this shaky you don’t want to jump up and down too much, you know?  So let me say that I am pleased to see that he is feeling better today, and leave it at that 🙂



  1. Sooooooo happy to hear this! Hey, just take the good days as they come, and be happy to have them! There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the good days. 🙂

  2. Good to hear Elliott is doing well. ^ types of gasx who knew.
    Sending good thoughts and hope everyone stays cool.Sine it sounds like it is going to be hot in new york.Hugs to all.

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