Posted by: Adrianna | June 28, 2010

Medications, food/water


1:20am Walk U+++. Denamarin, tramadol in pill pocket. Meaty Bone Biscuit. Water ++. PANTING.

2am Still panting. Wet-down in bathtub, parked in front of fan on full blast. Still panting.

6:10am Walk U+++ BM++. Levothyroxine, gabapentin, ursodiol in pill pocket. Doesn’t want biscuit.

6:45am CORE kibble and 1/3 container Beneful. Ate most.

*Decided to take Elliott to work because it was going to be nearly 100 degrees today & we are lacking AC at the moment*

8:10am Walk U++, picked up by car service.

11:15am Walk U++ . Two pill pockets as treats.

1:45pm Walk all the way around the block (he got tired 2/3 of way) U++ BM +++ (soft). Tramadol in pill pocket. Coworkers gave leftover pizza crusts which he really enjoyed.

5pm Walk U+++ BM++ (soft). Methocarbamol, levothyroxine (.3mg), gabapentin in pill pockets. Can of i/d, ate well.

9pm Walk U++. Another 3/4 can i/d, ate almost all. Pred 15mg in pill pocket.

Left work @ 10pm, E scheduled to be walked at 11:30, 3am, 7am.



  1. Please take care of yourself and get what rest you can. With this schedule, you’ll be falling apart soon, and that won’t help Elliott. I can’t offer solutions because I know he needs you on this schedule, but please get what rest you can.

  2. this heat isn’t helping. gee elliot i take gaba too. does it make you sleepy? it sure does for me. and you will feel like crap if you miss a dose, so don’t puke up your pills, k? i wish this heat would break so those with fur could be more comfortable. settledown wishes you well. (but we’ll let him do that from a distance, kwim?).

    i hope this is gonna be one long long blog.

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