Posted by: Adrianna | June 26, 2010

Medications, food/water

7:30am Levothyroxine, gabapentin, ursodiol, short walk. Drank water +++, ate pill pockets and Meaty Bone biscuit. Panting.

10:15am Prednisolone 15mg, Denamarin, brief walk. No water, ate pill pockets and Meaty Bone biscuit. Mixed 1/2c kibble with two spoonfuls of Beneful; picked out the Beneful, ate a tiny amt of kibble.  Gave boiled egg, ate it up.

11:40am Water + . Not panting. He’s pretty gassy.

12:30pm Panting constantly, not hot in apartment.

1pm Greenie. Drank water ++. Panting. Gassy.Finally stops panting, sleeps after 1/2 hr.

2pm  EFA cap in pill pocket.  One Meaty Bone Biscuit, one Omega 3 stick. Brief walk U +++, BM +++ (soft but formed). Spent a little time out in the courtyard.

2:30pm Has started clicking his teeth.  At one point made a ‘sour’ face and licked repeatedly. Panting, seems anxious.  No drooling.

3:30pm Still clicking teeth occasionally, but right now resting with eyes closed. No panting.

5:30pm Solicited a walk.  Brief U++ BM++ (soft but better than earlier). EFA cap and Meaty Bone Biscuit.  Panting hard though it is much cooler outside now.

6pm PANTING. Went out in courtyard.

6:30pm Levothyroxine, gabapentin in pill pockets. Meaty Bone Biscuit.

7pm Beneful and kibble, ate all the Beneful (3/4 container), left most of the kibble.

9pm PANTING.  Pred 15mg in pill pocket.

9:45pm PANTING, restless.  Went out for a walk U+++.  Walked farther than usual; maybe he is restless because he is tired of lying around? He ate something small on the sidewalk; I couldnt’ see what it was but it was gone in a flash.  Marin in pill pocket. Meaty Bone Biscuit.

10:15pm Resting, no panting.


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