Posted by: Adrianna | June 26, 2010

a bit more like himself?

Question mark because I don’t want to jinx anything, but he at least has a bit of personality back.  Good news, bad news over the past 12 hrs

* Panted for about 2 hours straight after getting the pred last night, though it wasn’t hot in the apartment 😦  That has to be uncomfortable

* After getting the pred, and just before I went to clean it, he ate the remaining cottage cheese and kibble in his dinner bowl 🙂

* He was able to go down the stairs with me like we used to (I live on the 2nd floor; we had been taking the stairs down, and the elevator up because up is harder than down for him) 🙂  but ….

* Overall he is definitely stiff in the hind end, and seems to have some of his old low back pain.  I’m disappointed because he’s on a powerful anti-inflammatory (pred) so I thought he’d be walking on air.  I guess it can alleviate inflammation but he has pain anyway 😦

*During our crack-of-dawn walk he wanted to go a little bit farther 🙂

* But I’m worried about him not emptying his bladder fully.  He pees a ton straight off, and if he makes a second pee that is copious too.  In the old days (so, two weeks ago) he would pee anywhere from 4-8x over the course of the walk . Now he can’t walk far enough to make all those pees, so I’m worried he’s not emptying out fully.  😦

* I tried my brilliant idea of putting him in the bathtub and expressing his bladder to teach him he has an emergency outlet if he needs it.  I found out that his ab muscles are still strong 🙂 based on the level of resistance I got, and I also had my heart broken just a little by his panting and looking up at me with a ‘why, mummy?’ as I squeezed.  I gave up.  I’m a total wimp when it comes to him. 😦


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