Posted by: Adrianna | June 25, 2010

first post

Elliott came home from the hospital last night after getting his first IV chemo treatment, Cytoxan (cyclophosphamide).  A side effect of this drug is damage to the bladder lining so he was given the drug IV + a diuretic and walked outside 7 times in less than two hours.  I have taken him out every 4-5 hours since then, including overnight, and so far no sign of bloody urine. E. also has to pee frequently because he is on prednisolone, a drug that causes excess thirst and urination.

I just took him out about an hour ago, waiting about 5.5 hrs because he was sound asleep, and it was apparently too long to wait because he peed in the hallway on the way to the elevator. Sigh.

He was treated just with steroids for the first two days in the hospital and he was ravenously hungry.  Now, after chemo, he is neither nauseous nor eager to eat.  He still likes his Pill Pockets, and the cat’s treats, but doesn’t want his regular biscuits or food.  He ate part of a container of Beneful Prepared Meals (I know, I know, it is the McDonalds of the dog food world) mixed with a little kibble this morning.  I’m trying to get some kibble in him because it is much more calorie dense and he has a good, high quality kibble and the Beneful is less so.

I can’t express how painful it is to watch a formerly “heck yeah, I’ll eat that!” dog barely lift his head when he hears a cookie package crinkle. I know from my job that it is very easy for people to get obsessed with their sick animal’s food intake and weight loss, but I have to say this is a difficult trap to sidestep.  I just want him to eat, I want him to hang around the kitchen and drool while I cook, I want him to sit in his usual spot and stare at me while I eat, I want him to come running when he hears a cat food can pop. I want him to be himself, to be ok, to come back to me.



  1. Keeping you both in thoughts and prayers.Elliott is so lucky to have you to care for and love him. Sounds like he is getting the best care. All I can offer is you both just love and enjoy each other. Wishing you guys only the best.Hugs and love always. Linda and Mandy and Snickers.

  2. isn’t hepatosplenic lymphoma pretty rare? just curious.
    you know i feel for you — god, how i feel for you. hoping you and elliott can beat this.

    • Well, it is hard to diagnose because the peripheral lymph nodes, spleen, and liver are implicated in both hepatosplenic lymphoma and advanced multicentric lymphoma, and since the treatment is the same, I don’t know how often anyone tries to split the hair. For Elliott, his liver values bumped up slightly a week before this (during that checkup when his ultrasound was fine), and his lymph nodes popped up a little later, so I’ll always wonder.

      • i ask because tho cleo is a cat i’ve had the same question. spleen had lymphocytes but not enuf for definitive lymphoma call. same with liver. other than that, until we removed the spleen we couldn’t find anything definitive. at that point we found it in the mesentery. so we’ve been working with a “multicentric” catchphrase but who knows where it’s originated… [anyway, liver/spleen with elliott and liver/spleen with cleo, so i’m even more personally interested in your journey.]

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