Posted by: Adrianna | June 25, 2010

a little more lively

So tonight he felt a little better, it seems — he sought out attention (briefly! but still!) and he ate a little more Beneful and kibble.  I tried to get by with just cottage cheese and kibble, an old favorite combo, but no go.  A few bites and he backs off, almost as if he just got a sour taste in his mouth.  But he ate a Meaty Bone biscuit (I bought a box today, I’ve never gotten them before) and of course ate his pill pockets with his prednisolone, thyroid med, and back pain med (gabapentin).  We managed to get all the way around the block without him getting overly tired, though he was shuffling a bit during the home stretch.

I am thinking of trying to teach him he can pee in the bathtub.  I have a team of dogwalkers coming for him while I’m at work, so he doesn’t have more than 4 hours without a pee break, but it might be nice if he can relieve himself inside if things get urgent.  He is too big for piddle pads.  Weird idea, right?



  1. we use pooch pads that are 36″ x 36″, they also come in 48 x 48 and 48 x 60. they’re machine-washable, but should be air-dried for longer life.

    would the 36 x 36 ones be large enough for him? send me a pm if you think they could work; i have a couple of brand new ones i could send up to you. don’t buy from that site- they do have the best prices with discount codes, but the vendor takes too long to ship.

    • Thank you for the offer. There are two issues: one is I don’t know if I can teach him to pee on it, the other is that he is a male dog and lifts his leg a little 😦 That’s what made me think of the bathtub, as gross as this must sound to everyone. (I’m sure everyone has made a mental note not to use the bathroom if they come to my place!) If he does just start to pee on the floor in the bathroom (if he has to pee urgently, he might go in there because the apartment is small and he doesn’t use that room), they would be of use at that time so I’ll keep your sweet offer in mind.

  2. Okie, just let me know. They’re ready to go anytime, I just need to find a box (dumpster diving!). And no, I don’t think it’s gross; when Meowzi first came home from the Humane Society, we had to lock her in the bathroom while we went out to pick up food, litter box, supplies. Well, we got home and she had gone potty in the bathtub (and we noticed blood – cystitis). We thought she was really clever to both use it (easy to clean!) and choose something that would show the blood. But I digress. Just send me word, and the poochpads can be there in a week or less, k? Give Elliott a kiss from me.

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